Winner's Circle

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3/4 size Wood back Flicker Brush with 3" Poly bristles. 7.5"
This 3/4 size Wood Back, Pure Horsehair brush is gentle yet durable. A superb finishing brush that will give years of faithful grooming leaving the coat smooth and glossy every time. 7.5"
3/4 size Wood Back, Horse Hair Blend Brush. An excellent show quality finishing brush that leaves the cost smooth and glossy!
3/4 Size wood back Bleached Tampico Brush perfect for lighter grooming and finishing touches. Tampico leaves coats smooth and sleek. 7.5"
3/4 Size, wood back, Union brush with Tampico Boarder .The Union fibers loosen tough dirt,while the softer tampico whisks it away. 7.5"
Medium Stiff, wood back 3/4 size Grey English Dandy is perfect for loosening trapped mud and dirt from clipped or summer coats and for manes and tails. 7.5"
This stiff 3/4 size, wood back, Union fiber all-season dandy brush is excellent for removing caked mud and dust from thick coats 7.5"
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