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Make sure that your horse has all the traction he needs for the footing conditio...
C$4.69 C$4.15
GreenGuard GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle
The GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle is truly the most comfortable grazing muzzle. It l...
C$157.07 C$139.00 C$146.89 C$129.99
Equknight Equknight Bonnet
Equknight Bonnet
Stand out in the show ring with these stunning handmade crochet bonnets featurin...
C$125.00 C$125.00 C$124.00 C$124.00
My Barn Child My Barn Child Bridle Charm
My Barn Child
My Barn Child Bridle Charm
Elevate your style with these adorable bridle charms from My Barn Child.
C$12.37 C$10.95
Evolution Horse Sheepskin Noseband Cover Natural
Evolution Horse
Sheepskin Noseband Cover Natural
Merino lambswool noseband covers are made from the finest quality, grade A merin...
C$28.24 C$24.99
Shires Shires Topaz Lead Rope 8'
Shires Topaz Lead Rope 8'
C$18.00 C$18.00
Flair 6 Pack Nasal Strips (Canada flag)
Flair 6 Pack Nasal Strips (Canada flag)
Drug-free, self-adhesive nasal strips that support horses’ nasal passages and pr...
C$56.49 C$49.99
Leather Lead With Chain
Leather Lead With Chain
Havana Leather lead with Brass Chain
C$33.84 C$29.95
Premium Compositi Stirrups
Premium Compositi Stirrups
Lightweight stirrup irons feature a wider foot base for greater support. Black i...
C$59.83 C$52.95
Jammies Tail Bag
Jammies Tail Bag
Lightweight, stretchy Lycra® material protects the hair from breaking and keeps ...
C$27.06 C$23.95
Jin Jin Stirrups Original
Jin Stirrups Original
Patented, ergonomic foot bed provides stability to the foot, to aid in side-to-s...
C$226.00 C$200.00
Equiline Equiline Outline Bonnet
Equiline Outline Bonnet
Ear bonnet with white cord and Equiline logo embroidery. Single white cord pipin...
C$158.20 C$140.00
Waldhausen Nose Net
Waldhausen Nose Net
Black mesh nose net with Slim touch tape straps for easy attachment and a secure...
C$24.80 C$21.95
Brass Chain For Lead Rope 24"
Brass Chain For Lead Rope 24"
Chain for lead lines, brass plated. 24"
C$14.63 C$12.95
Fenwick Fenwick LT Mask
Fenwick LT Mask
Original therapeutic mask can help your horse relax & focus naturally. Drug-free...
C$157.07 C$139.00
Crib Be Gone Collar
Crib Be Gone Collar
Instantly stops cribbing! Shaped to fit around jaw with straps over crown and ac...
C$56.44 C$49.95
BOT Nights Bonnet
BOT Nights Bonnet
C$63.28 C$56.00
Lycra Tail Bag- Black
Lycra Tail Bag- Black
C$15.95 C$15.95
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