Wound Care

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Fiske’s is a Hide& Skin Treatment/powerful Fungus fighter! Great for many skin conditions in horses. Eases suffering and says goodbye to ringworm, thrush, hoof rot, ears & skin fungus/infections, allergic reactions, hives, scratches, rain rot, sarcoids
Blood Stop Powder used to check bleeding of minor cuts and wounds 200g
Absorbine Silver Honey Hot spot and wound care antimicrobial spray gel 8FL Oz
The Effol Liquid Barrier Dragon’s Blood Wound Spray is an innovative formula that provides an external breathable hygienic film that protects the wound against environmental germs such as dirt, urine, and sweat.
This generic wrap is excellent for both veterinary and human use and sticks to itself, not to hair or skin. Eliminates pins, clips and adhesive tape.
As an aid in the treatment of fungal infections, abscesses, skin infections and wounds, and after minor surgery in dogs, cats and horses.
Indicated as an aid in the treatment of moist eczema and abrasions such as chapped teats or where a soothing, healing effect is desired in cattle and horses.
Promotes wound healing in all animal species. Ensures bacteriostatic properties, moist environment, soothing effect, healing process enhancers, insect repellent feature and a protective barrier.
Vetericyn is an animal wound & infection treatment product that is as safe as water, designed to replicate the actions of the animal's immune system to heal wounds & fight infections. Antibacterial, antifungal & antiviral. Does not harm healthy tissue.
The original self-adhesive wrap. Goes on easy and stays in place.

4" x 5 yards
Keratex Mud Shield Powder guards against effects of mud & water on horses' legs and body, will disinfect the skin & Unlike creams/ointments which contribute to softening of the skin, Keratex allows the skin to breathe while repelling water& mud particles
500 ml Betadine Solution
Premium Vet Wrap/ Latex bandage. Performs to the high standard set by leading brand name bandaging tape. Strong, lightweight/ non-absorbent allows skin to breathe, sticks to itself & conforms around difficult to bandage areas.
4" x 5 yards
Iodine Spray Antiseptic 1% Iodine Spray contains an iodine complex which provides the active iodine in a non-staining, non-stinging formula for topical application.
Nitro Ointment is used for the local treatment and prevention of bacterial infections of wounds, burns, coetaneous ulcers, and cracked heels in horses. It can also also be used for the treatment of pyodermas in horses.
Antiseptic Ointment for topical use in the treatment of chapped skin and minor wounds in cattle and horses 8oz
Aluspray aerosol bandage recommended as a protective barrier against external irritants in small and large animals
Absorbine Silver Honey Ointment Manuka honey + Micro Silver BG 2 Oz
Shapley's MTG mane tail grow solution 32 fl. oz
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