Hoof Care

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For many conditions of the hoof, sole and frog including "thrush", seedy toe, white line disease, cracked and split heel bulbs and coronary band scurf.With Jojoba, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E .Deep-Penetrating, Non-Staining , non drying & Safe on Hair & Skin
Developed over a 2 year span with the help of farriers, trainers, and biochemists, the new and improved Purvida Polish Natural Hoof Oil makes it easier than ever to keep your horse's hooves healthy with safe, non-toxic, and natural ingredients.
Durable plastic hoof oil brush with cap. Available in black only.
Aids in the prevention of hardened frogs, contracted heels and hoof dryness. The original ready-to-use hoof packing that flat-out works.
Helps promote toughening or hardening of the sole of the hoof.
Works by restoring and maintaining the correct water balance within the hooves. This will prevent cracks and splits that can appear over time in dehydrated hooves.
Will give all-round protection from the elements to the entire hoof capsule including the bulbs of the heel. A safe, breathable waterproof barriersafeguards hooves from the damaging effects of excess moisture stopping excess water from being absorbed.
Indicated for use in the treatment of foot rot in horses, cattle and sheep; Thrush, hoof punctures, cracked hooves, spongey hooves, ringworm, wounds, after dehorning cattle, and as a pad stiffener in dogs.
First ever “DRY” approach to un-healthy frogs & sole’s. Natural formula is “dusted on” which provides excellent coverage of the un-healthy area. The Finely powdered ingredients in NT-Dry finds the damp, deep places that wet products can’t find.
Pliable antimicrobial clay remains in place within hoof wall defects, nail holes, separations & cracks. Provides continuous longterm protection against bacterial/ fungal invasions which cause poor hoof quality. Non-irritating, safe to apply without gloves
This world renowned formula encourages hoof horn growth and keeps the horn strong and pliable. Also used to encourage healthy regrowth of hair on mild skin abrasions.
Keratex Hoof Hardener formula includes a unique flexibility agent as well as a hardening agent, making this the perfect product to protect your horse from: brittle, cracked, soft or weak hooves, sensitive or thin soles; repeated shoe loss hoof damage.
Keratex Hoof Putty seals & waterproofs horn separation cavities, preventing germs from compromising the hoof. Self-adhesive, flexible & won't drop out or deteriorate. A unique malleable wax containing slow release organic disinfectants and antibacterials.
This premium blend of coconut oil, beeswax and tea tree oil will protect, condition and care for equine hooves, providing a stunningly glossy finish with all the benefits of natural oils and waxes such as nourishment and breathability.
Hoof-shaped poultice pad package of 3
Since 1895, ranchers, breeders, stage operators and the U.S. Cavalry have relied on Fiebing quality. Fiebing's Hoof Dressing is today, as it was then, the professional horseman's standard for use on corns, quarter cracks, split hoofs and brittleness.
Heavy weight plastic disposable vapor/soak bag made from approximately the same weight plastic as IV Saline bags used by veterinarians. 8" x 8" x 20". Wrap top around leg and secure with vetwrap. Pack of 4. Safe for use with White Lightning products.
2Kg Epsom Salts Magnesium Sulfate. Convenient and effective for creating hoof soaks/ packing.
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