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Purvida Purvida Hoof Oil
Purvida Hoof Oil
Developed over a 2 year span with the help of farriers, trainers, and biochemist...
C$45.19 C$39.99
Disposable Soak Bags
Disposable Soak Bags
Heavy weight plastic disposable vapor/soak bag made from approximately the same ...
C$24.30 C$21.50
Keratex Keratex Hoof Gel
Keratex Hoof Gel
Will give all-round protection from the elements to the entire hoof capsule incl...
C$33.84 C$29.95
Fiske's Fiskes Hoof and Hide Balm
Fiskes Hoof and Hide Balm
Tried and tested for over 100 years. It is a 100% natural, multi-purpose solutio...
C$36.95 C$36.95
Ichthammol 20%
Ichthammol 20%
C$42.93 C$37.99
Forshners Hoof Packing 1.8 Kg
Forshners Hoof Packing 1.8 Kg
Aids in the prevention of hardened frogs, contracted heels and hoof dryness. The...
C$73.45 C$65.00
Kopper Kare
Kopper Kare
Indicated for use in the treatment of foot rot in horses, cattle and sheep; Thru...
C$27.06 C$23.95
NT Dry Powder
NT Dry Powder
First ever “DRY” approach to un-healthy frogs & sole’s. Natural formula is “dus...
C$32.76 C$28.99
Essential Equine Thrush Antiseptic
Essential Equine Thrush Antiseptic
For many conditions of the hoof, sole and frog including "thrush", seedy toe, wh...
C$16.95 C$15.00
Hoof Pad Poultice
Hoof Pad Poultice
Hoof-shaped poultice pad package of 3
C$13.55 C$11.99
Pedocan Hoof Oil
Pedocan Hoof Oil
Pedocan Hoof Oil stimulates blood circulation, prevents infection, encourages gr...
C$24.80 C$21.95
Hoof Knife
Hoof Knife
Double edged hoof knive with wood handle.
C$10.11 C$8.95
Hooflex Hoof Dressing- 450ml
Hooflex Hoof Dressing- 450ml
Made with herbal ingredients such as tea tree oil, arnica, comfrey, and avocado ...
C$28.24 C$24.99
Hoof Doctor Putty 12oz
Hoof Doctor Putty 12oz
Unique hoof putty based on Birch Bark Extract, Betulin, Clinoptilolite, and Fish...
C$44.06 C$38.99
Hoof Oil Brush with Cap Black
Hoof Oil Brush with Cap Black
Durable plastic hoof oil brush with cap. Available in black only.
C$7.90 C$6.99
Venice Turpentine 473ml
Venice Turpentine 473ml
Helps promote toughening or hardening of the sole of the hoof.
C$30.50 C$26.99
Keratex Keratex Hoof Moisturiser
Keratex Hoof Moisturiser
Works by restoring and maintaining the correct water balance within the hooves. ...
C$62.14 C$54.99
Life Data Hoof Clay- Life Data 10oz
Life Data
Hoof Clay- Life Data 10oz
Pliable antimicrobial clay remains in place within hoof wall defects, nail holes...
C$33.89 C$29.99
Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment 250ml
Carr & Day & Martin
Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment 250ml
This world renowned formula encourages hoof horn growth and keeps the horn stron...
C$29.37 C$25.99
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