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This 3/4 size Wood Back, Pure Horsehair brush is gentle yet durable. A superb finishing brush that will give years of faithful grooming leaving the coat smooth and glossy every time. 7.5"
Metal blade with a rubber soft grip handle designed for effectively removing your horses' winter coat. Assorted Colors.
Handmade with high quality beechwood & pure wool bristles. Incredibly soft & decadent, this brush is perfect for brushing sensitive areas such as the face. The padded handle adds softness & our signature gold details give a luxurious finish.
The ultimate brush for mane & tails. Smooth metal bristles minimise hair breakage when brushing out stubborn knots. Ergonomic hand-crafted beechwood handle ensures secure pad & bristles, comfortable, easy grip & a beautiful addition to your grooming kit.
handmade using the highest quality beechwood with natural fiber bristles. The padded handle adds softness & bespoke gold details give a luxurious finish. The bristles are flexible but packed tightly to ensure a thorough coat clean with every use.
handmade using high quality beechwood & stiff synthetic bristles - perfect for brushing legs & removing dried mud. The padded leather handle adds softness & our signature bespoke gold details give a luxurious finish.
This Soft Rubber Face Curry is an oval brush with soft filaments, making it an excellent choice for removing light dust and hairs from the face and other sensitive areas. The Soft Rubber Face Curry is a must for thin-skinned or sensitive horses.
Good for horse and rider
Shedding tool
Remove mud
Remove winter coat
Removes horse hair from riding clothes
The Magic Brush gets your horse perfectly clean! Thanks to its special bristles, dried sweat, mud and dirt can be removed
3/4 size Wood back Flicker Brush with 3" Poly bristles. 7.5"
3/4 size Wood Back, Horse Hair Blend Brush. An excellent show quality finishing brush that leaves the cost smooth and glossy!
3/4 Size wood back Bleached Tampico Brush perfect for lighter grooming and finishing touches. Tampico leaves coats smooth and sleek. 7.5"
3/4 Size, wood back, Union brush with Tampico Boarder .The Union fibers loosen tough dirt,while the softer tampico whisks it away. 7.5"
Medium Stiff, wood back 3/4 size Grey English Dandy is perfect for loosening trapped mud and dirt from clipped or summer coats and for manes and tails. 7.5"
This stiff 3/4 size, wood back, Union fiber all-season dandy brush is excellent for removing caked mud and dust from thick coats 7.5"
Black soft Horse hair face brush to gently remove dust from around your horses eyes and muzzle.
3.5" Aluminum mane pulling comb
Plastic curry comb various colors.
Our Merino grooming mitt's are made from the finest quality, grade A merino skins from western Australia.

Perfect for finishing touch when washing & grooming.
These revolutionary pins are a unique tool to help you achieve professional quality braids in no time. Braiding pins are easy to use and incredibly time saving
The Epona Tiger Tongue Horse Groomer is the perfect addition to your grooming tote and helps to clear away embedded dirt and debris. Suitable for helping to remove dirt from the body, to help clean white socks, to help erase sweat marks without water.
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