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Broad-spectrum efficacy against more worms and bots than any other single ingredient dewormer,registered to control 62 species and stages of Worms & Bots, as well as the third and fourth stage larvae, & adults of roundworms, small and large strongyles.
QUEST® Gel(moxidectin) a leading equine dewormer, the only horse dewormer to treat encysted small strongyles & bots in a single dose, plus broad spectrum support against numerous other parasites. Easly administered gel formula dissolves on horses tongue
Liquid Ivermectin Broad Spectrum Wormer Manufactured & tested in Canada. Can be squirted into your horse's mouth or poured over sweet feed. Ivermectin provides broad-spectrum control of bots & internal nematodes
EQVALAN GOLD is the broadest-spectrum dewormer available in Canada. It combines two active ingredients – ivermectin and praziquantel – to provide comprehensive, broad-spectrum parasite treatment for horses. Including: Worms, Bots, Tapeworms
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