Jolly Ball

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Designed with a patented squeaking assembly.This toy squeaks when both ends are tugged simultaneously
Soft to the touch, but hardcore in the squeaky department. Perfect for interactive play or multi-dog use
Rope in handles for added durability
If your dog likes to retrieve at the lake, or play with other dogs, this ball is a “must have.” It is designed to be kicked, tugged, thrown, carried, and launched! This ball floats, even if punctured.
The Jolly Ball™ Dual Equine & Dog Jolly Ball™ is great for playing in pasture or mounted in stall. Dual equine and canine packaging markets to the large dog owners as well. Helps boredom and curbs cribbing 8" Made of low density plastic
If your pony or horse is bored and needs something to play with in his stall or corral, a Jolly Ball Horse Toy by Horseman's Pride will keep him entertained. Toys can even help prevent unwanted bad habits and behavioral issues from forming.
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