Natures Own

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Jumbo cow ears for dogs from free range brazillian cattle. Low fat, non greasy alternative to pig ears. As many consumers are more aware of the chews they provide for their dogs, our jumbo cow ears are becoming a popular choice. non-bleached & all natural
Natures own 4"-5" Knotted Beef Rawhide Bone
Pressed 6" Water Buffalo rawhide chew ring
Nature’s Own Frisbeef is fast becoming a popular dog treat in North America. Great way to satisfy all dogs’ tendencies to chew. Exercise gums while maintaining clean teeth. The Frisbeef is fully digestible. Average 7-8″ in diameter and upto 1/2″ thick.
The most popular dog chew in the North America are bully sticks. Dogs go crazy for them. They are a great way to satisfy all dogs’ tendencies to chew. Aid in maintaining clean teeth/gums,Bully bites are fully digestible and odor free.
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